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We aim to deliver an exceptional service to our customers at every turn

Established in 1997, our company has earned a reputation for success, providing clients with solutions to all kinds of logistical problems.  We have developed operations with an ongoing belief in service levels and traditional customer care, offering a flexible, modern approach to each and every requirement.  We offer the latest in IT solutions, vehicle tracking and modern approaches to enhance our transport services.

At the heart of our operation is a commitment to providing exceptional service levels, where we believe that good communication is the key factor. Our traffic office is familiar with all of our customer requirements, and have the skills and determination to ensure that an exceptional quality of service is maintained.


Great company to deal with! We were left in the Lurch with our usual haulier who we had worked with for years, we got in touch with WT transport who have been extremely easy to deal with and helped us move some pallets very quickly without even opening an account. Our account is now open and we will be shipping with W T transport from now on. Rachel has been great throughout the process!


Wayne Langley

my 1st week and I'm loving it going different places and meeting different people . I get to spend time with my girlfriend at night and weekends . The other staff have being helpfully sort any problems I get quickly


Gareth Lewis

Turned up as scheduled, polite and helpful. Barry's one of the good guys!


Jane Smith

A good place to work nice management and very helpful!


Constantin Știrbu

Very competent driver arrived with my pallet over 1 tonne of stuff and handled with great precision!


Karl Clark